Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Term Four Big Idea: Cultural Diversity

This term our integrated unit is about Cultural Diversity. Last week the Senior Syndicate children hosted a cultural festival for their peers. The event started with a performance by the IPU Drum team in the hall. The children communicated their new learning in a wide range of different ways, including hosting a cultural food festival and performing a dance to represent culture. Many of the children worked in collaborative groups to share cultural traditions, artworks, dances, languages and games. Three classes also enjoyed a shared cultural lunch. Several parents from our community supported their children to share special aspects of their culture. One group of children planned and taught cultural Jump Jam routines to the Junior Syndicate children and on Tuesday this week, groups of children are facilitating our sports rotation. These children researched sports played by different cultures and are going to teach other children about the background of the sport and how to play them.