Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Term One Big Idea - Citizenship

Our big idea for Term One is Citizenship. The children in our three spaces have been involved in building a successful learning community. As in previous years, the furniture was stacked in the corners and the walls were empty when the children arrived at school on the first day. The children and teachers have been getting to know each other, setting up their environment for learning, exploring roles, rights and responsibilities, creating a class treaty and a digital citizenship treaty. By ensuring the children are part of the decision making process, we will create learning spaces where our children feel a sense of belonging and ownership.

During the term, classes have co-constructed the research process. The six stages of our research process are: Decide, Plan, Find, Analyse, Communicate and Evaluate. The children are now following their own lines of inquiry by researching a question related to the big idea of 'Citizenship'.