Monday, 28 March 2016

Phase One Inquiry

As part of the 'Phase One Inquire' stage of our integrated curriculum model, the children are guided through the College Street research cycle.  The children in GRi11 2.0 completed an inquiry on the impact of sugar.  As the children move through this process at the start of the year, teachers co-construct this cycle with the children by describing the thinking process of great researchers.  This is crucial for developing the children's ability to inquire independently and interdependently throughout the rest of the year.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Learning Spaces in GRi11 2.0

This year the children in GRi11 2.0 used their knowledge of Hauora to design a learning environment that suited the needs of different learners in the class and different types of learning.

"I'm learning in GRi11 2.0 and we have four different learning spaces. We have the main space called 'The Hub'. There is another learning space called 'The Hangout'. The hangout is for people who want to talk and have group meetings. We also have a little hallway called 'The Hall of Fame'. Last but not least, my favourite place in the whole classroom is 'The Hideout'. The hideout is a place for people who just want it to be silent in the class so they just shut the door and be quiet. These four learning spaces can all be used in different situations. I really like learning in GRi11 2.0!" Kristy, 10 years old.