This blog documents our journey - 'An Educated Guess' about the future of learning and teaching!  

At College Street Normal School we have been striving to develop life-long learners who have the knowledge, dispositions and skills to live successfully in our ever changing world for many years. During the last fifteen years teachers at College Street Normal School have had comprehensive professional development from experts across a range of areas, including...
  • The Habits of Mind - Art Costa
  • Integrated Curriculum/Inquiry Learning - Kath Murdoch
  • Literacy - Murray Gadd
  • Numeracy - Dinah Harvey
  • Socio-cultural Theory - Alison Sewell
  • e-Learning - Core Education, Russell Street School, TTS
  • Thinking - Ron Ritchard and Mark Church
The blog posts document our journey from the end of 2014 as we continue to strive to provide our learners with a future focussed education.

2018 Senior Syndicate Teachers

Room 5/6/7 - Lindy Langley, Ben Valentine and Rachel Craig
Karaka Block - Katie Gordon, Kristen Liddell and Jessica Scott
Room 1 - Andrea Casey

    "What does it mean to learn?"
    "How do you learn?"
    "Are we preparing learners for their future or our past?"
    "How does 'real world' learning compare to 'in school' learning?"

    "Shouldn't schools mirror what learning looks like in the real world!"
    Lane Clark

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