Tuesday, 25 November 2014

An Educated Guess

In November 2014, a presentation about the future of learning and teaching for children in the Senior Syndicate at College Street Normal School was shared and discussed by the Senior Leadership Team. After several conversations with members of the Leadership Team, it was agreed that we would establish a 'Future Focused Education Pilot'. As a result, four Senior Syndicate teachers and classes would move to two of our double classroom spaces. Our 2015-2017 Strategic Plan and 2015 Annual Plan were developed and included objectives that linked to providing our learners with a future focused education. We deliberately chose not to use the term 'MLE-Modern Learning Environment' because we wanted the focus to be on pedagogy not the building. It is important to note that this journey did not begin at the end of 2014. At College Street Normal School we have been striving to develop life-long learners who have the knowledge, dispositions, skills and values to live successfully in our ever-changing world for many years. Please read the 'Background' page of this blog for more information. Our blog posts will document our journey as we continue to strive to provide our learners with a future focussed education.

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