Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Curioseum

During the second week of school, each class visited 'The Curioseum -  A Museum of Curiosity'. This experience was our emotional hook for our thinking matrix co-construction. Our thinking matrix focus for Term One is 'Curiosity' and one of our significant questions is 'What are we curious about?'  The teachers gathered a range of different exhibits for our museum, including a range of items that we borrowed from Te Manawa.  We set the exhibition up in our art room.  Each child was given a ticket to enter the museum with their class.  While they were at the 'Curioseum' the children completed a ‘See, Think, Wonder’ thinking routine at several of the different stations. The children were highly engaged and loved being able to touch most of the items.  As a result, the children asked a wide range of questions.  The children were able to use their 'See, Think, Wonder' sheets as evidence for their initial assessment on their co-constructed thinking matrix.

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