Monday, 21 September 2015

Integration in Action

The big idea for our integrated unit this term is 'Enterprise'. Our aim was for children to understand that businesses go through a process to become successful and apply that knowledge and their skills by forming a business. The learning throughout the term involved exploring different types of markets by visiting the Saleyards and the Farmers' Market in Feilding, learning how to write a CV and application letter, designing a syndicate currency, developing business plans, producing products, advertising and selling products. To support this learning, Simon Barnett from OBO shared his journey and gave the children valuable advice about being a successful entrepreneur. We have also had several parents join us to share their expertise throughout the term.

All children are now 'working' in a business venture. The children from GRi11 are selling products for real money to fundraise for a trip to Mind Lab in Wellington. Pot of Gold, Fab Five and VALT are earning our Senior Syndicate currency ‘Smackers’. The children applied for a job, developed business plans, conducted market research, completed budgets, designed and produced a wide range of products. The products will all be sold at our Market Day on Wednesday.  

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