Saturday, 21 May 2016

Assessment for Learning in Writing

If our children are going to lead their own learning, they need to develop an understanding of themselves as learners so they can articulate their strengths and next learning steps. 

As part of writing learning in Term One, the children co-constructed the writing process and discussed the features of great writing across a range of text types. We explained to the children that we wanted to share the responsibility for assessing their writing with them by using the same writing matrix. 

Katie and Clive trialled this idea in 2015 and this year we want to use this approach across the Senior Syndicate. Our goal is for the children to use this tool to help them lead their own learning as it provides direction for future learning.  The matrix will help the children know which workshops to attend and allow them to request workshops to support them to meet their learning goals. The teachers worked with the children to support them to assess themselves on the matrix, highlighting what they had achieved and their next learning goals. The children are now starting to add their own evidence to support their assessments.

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