Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Update - Building our Learning Community

Our children were motivated and excited about ‘building’ their own learning space! They were empowered to make decisions about which furniture to use and how to arrange it. The children created floor plans and discussed their ideas as a class before setting up their spaces for learning.

Andrea and Krisy shared a selection of images to inspire the children to think of different ideas when they were designing their learning environment for 2016.

In the first few weeks of school, the children completed a range of different tasks to get to know each other, including player profiles, artworks, team challenges and sharing family traditions.

The children started to explore the learning culture of their classroom by responding to a range of provocative statements. 
For example: 
  • We all learn the same way.
  • It is my teacher's responsibility to make me learn.
  • Everyone needs to sit at a desk to learn.
  • The teachers should make all of the decisions in our classroom.
  • We all need the same things to be able to learn.
  • I can only learn when I am told what to do.
  • You need to work in silence to be able to learn.
  • I am too young to manage my own learning.
As part of these discussions, classes developed their own treaty for 2016.

This process allowed the children and teachers to establish shared ownership for the learning culture and environment.

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