Thursday, 15 September 2016

Interpret Challenges

Each class completed the ‘Interpret’ stage of our integrated unit. This stage of our integration model requires children to use and apply their new learning through a range of challenges/scenarios/tasks. Some examples include:
  • The children have completed the thinking routine ‘I used to think... Now I think…’ The children were also asked to reflect on changes they have made in relation to their behaviours and our environment.
  • Writing a script and filming a news report to highlight the positive and negative impacts humans are having on our environment. 
  • Developing an action plan in response to the following scenario: Imagine Palmerston North’s temperature goes up 20 degrees overnight, trees die, the river and the lagoon dries up. What effect would it have on us? What effect would this have on animals? What would our environment be like? What foods would we eat? What activities would we do? 
For the rest of the term, the children will be working on the ‘Inspire’ stage of our integrated unit. Next week, our Deputy Mayor is visiting Room 6/7 to discuss the rubbish and recycling strategies in Palmerston North. He was invited by a student who sent him an email earlier in the term after reading an article on

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