Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Our Vision for 2015

After reflecting on our visit to Russell Street School we began to develop our own vision for learning and teaching in the Senior Syndicate in 2015.  Ally Sewell from Massey University helped develop the following question to lead our conversation: How do we want children to experience learning and teaching in the Senior Syndicate at College Street?

During this conversation, it was important for teachers to consider how we could make some changes without throwing out what we know works.  At College Street, our understanding and application of effective teaching practice across the curriculum is a school-wide strength. Many of these practices we want to maintain however there are some things we can do differently!  In the case of the teachers involved in the pilot, we needed to consider how might we be able to change things for learning in an environment that has two teachers and 60 children.

Teachers worked in groups to develop their ideas.  When our ideas were combined, the following statements were developed:

Our Vision for Learning and Teaching in 2015

  • A community of learners where children are at the centre of decision making.
  • A community of teachers where passions and strengths are valued and utilised.
  • Teachers and learners who strive for excellence across the curriculum.
  • Positive, collaborative relationships.
  • Critical and creative thinkers who engage in authentic learning and problem-solving.
  • Self-aware learners who drive their own learning. (Valuing student voice, giving children choice and flexibility over their learning, developing agency.)
  • Effective use of digital technologies as a learning tool.
  • Engaged, creative, motivated, happy learners!
These statements are very closely aligned with our school vision ‘Excellence Through Inspired Participation’ and what we already believe about learning and teaching at College Street.

When the Senior Syndicate teachers arrived in the boardroom for planning day they 
immediately noticed some changes to the environment.  Clive put a leaner and bean bags in the 
room and displayed a range of quotes and children’s artworks.  The board room looked amazing!  
We were trying to model for our teachers some of the things that we would like 
them to consider in 2015.

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