Monday, 15 December 2014

Term One Integrated Unit

As part of our planning days, we created an integrated unit to help support our vision for learning and teaching.  Our goal is to empower the children to be part of the decision making process as they created their learning spaces and established a culture of learning.

Our integrated unit for Term One is called ‘Our People, Our Place, Our Story. The Big Idea for our unit is ‘belonging’.

Our Deep Understanding:

People and places have a story. Stories give us a sense of identity.
As curious learners we can explore our stories.
Our story is unfolding...Together we have a responsibility for creating our next chapter.

Throughout our integrated unit, the children will explore the following significant questions:

  • What is a story? 
  • What are we curious about? 
  • What is my story? 
  • What is our story? (Class, School, Community, Planet Earth) 
  • How can I learn about stories that matter to me? 
  • How can we share our stories with others? 
  • What impact do stories have on us? 
  • What can we learn from others’ stories?

In 2015 we have a school-wide focus on the teaching of science. We are required to teach science for at least three weeks each term.  As a Syndicate, we decided to integrate our science objectives (Nature of Science and Planet Earth and Beyond) into our unit instead of teaching a stand-alone science unit. The unit we have written flows from personal stories, to developing a class story, to exploring school and community stories and then to stories of the land.  

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