Sunday, 26 April 2015

Who's driving? Agency Progression Co-Construction

John and Kristen wanted to co-construct their agency progression (based on learning from Russell Street School) early in Term Two. To achieve this they referred the children to the PMI that they had completed at the end of last term and explained that they would be working on making some changes because of the comments and ideas from their reflections. John and Kristen had several conversations about this idea with the children in Term One. Now they wanted to use this progression with the children on a daily basis. Together they developed descriptions for each of the stages below:
  • Agency
  • Self Directed
  • Self Managing
  • Guided
  • Directed
As part of this process, John and Kristen highlighted the need to 'Strive for Excellence' at all stages. The children made links to conversations they had had about 'The Learning Pit' (based on learning from Russell Street School). As part of the co-construction process, the children made connections to learning to drive a car and getting your full licence because they identified that the progression moved from 'teacher driven' to 'student driven'. As a result their wall display is based on this theme.

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