Sunday, 19 April 2015

Term Two Expression Unit Co-Construction

At a planning meeting in the holidays, Katie and Clive got excited about the idea of involving children in the planning process of our integrated unit. This was an exciting idea to trial because we believed that the children would have more ownership over their learning, be able to lead their learning and develop a deeper understanding of our integrated unit big idea if they were involved in this process.

On the first morning of Term Two, Katie and Clive explained to the children that they were going to have a go at writing our integrated unit for Term Two. They introduced our big idea - 'Expression'. To gather the children's prior knowledge about this big idea the children worked in small groups to complete a survey on Google Forms. Throughout the morning, the children completed a range of 'Expression' challenges and were engaged in expressing themselves in different ways. By the end of the day, the children had co-constructed the knowledge deep understanding and matrix indicators. By the end of Week One, they had identified the Habit of Mind focus, co-constructed the Habit of Mind deep understanding and co-constructed the matrix indicators. The children had also generated significant questions they could explore throughout the unit.

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