Friday, 15 May 2015

Tracking Learning and Learning Conversations

One of the biggest challenges Clive and Katie had was keeping track of learning and learning conversations.  

Some of the issues:
  • Who has completed what tasks?
  • How can I easily access the children's learning without needing to search through their 'Drive' or books?
  • Who has had a writing conference? When?
  • Where can I record the children's next steps so that it is easy to view at a later date when I am planning what workshops to offer?
  • Which groups have had a meeting about their inquiry? Where are they at?
  • Where can I record anecdotal comments?
Answer: Fast Track!  

Katie and Clive used Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet that allowed them to address many of the issues above.  This idea was based on examples we had seen from Point England School and Russell Street School.

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