Friday, 15 May 2015

Tracking Learning and Learning Conversations

One of the biggest challenges Clive and Katie were having in the classroom was keeping track of learning and learning conversations. In a traditional classroom programme, all children do the same learning task at the same time.  In GRi11 the children are taking responsibility for managing their learning by selecting which learning task to complete, when, where and with who in the areas of literacy and our integrated unit.

Some of the issues:
  • Who has completed what tasks?
  • How can we easily access the children's learning without needing to search through their 'Drive' or books?
  • Who has had a writing conference? When?
  • Where can we record the children's next steps so that it is easy to view at a later date when we are planning what workshops to offer?
  • Which groups have had a meeting about their inquiry? Where are they at?
  • Where can we record anecdotal comments?
Answer: Fast Track!  

Katie and Clive used Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet that allowed them to address many of the issues above.  This idea was based on examples we had seen at Point England School and Russell Street School.

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