Thursday, 30 July 2015

Day to Day Learning and Teaching

From 10.00am to 3.00pm, the children are taking responsibility for managing their learning by selecting which learning task to complete, when, where and with who. They are responsible for prioritising their time on a daily basis so they can complete learning tasks before required deadlines. For some children this process is significantly guided by the teacher, for most children, they are now independently taking responsibility for managing their learning.
At times throughout the day children might be involved in:
  • Small group learning with a teacher e.g. Guided reading group sessions, guided writing group sessions, problem solving group sessions, spelling group session.
  • Optional workshops with a teacher e.g. Learning how to organise ideas into paragraphs, learning how to write an argument, multiplication strategies workshop.
  • Individual conferences with a teacher e.g. Touching base in relation to a research task, providing feedback on a piece of writing, getting started with a problem solving challenge.
  • Learning co-operatively in peers or small groups e.g. Completing a group research task and communicating learning, attending book club meetings.
  • Learning independently e.g. Crafting writing, silent reading, reading follow-up tasks, completing assessments, practising spelling words, practising basic facts. 
  • Whole class learning e.g. Writing motivation and modelling, maths rich task introduction.
  • Syndicate learning/activities e.g. Sports Rotations, Syndicate Singing, Go For Gold Programme (Term Two only.) 
  • School events e.g. School assemblies, cross country.

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