Friday, 8 April 2016

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

At the start of the year, the children in GRi11 2.0 explored the concept of ‘The Learning Pit’ and ‘Growth Mindset’. The first conversation was not planned for and Katie and Clive made the most of a teachable moment. As part of a maths lesson, focused on a rich task, they contrasted this type of maths (very slow maths) practising to basic facts (fast maths). The resulting conversation highlighted that the children liked basic facts and did not like rich tasks because they were challenging. To build on this learning, the children completed a range of different challenges, both at school and at camp. This language is used in daily conversations with the children in GRi11 2.0 and is highlighted in the learner pathway that the children have co-constructed.  If we want to develop self-aware learners who drive their learning, our children they must understand they have to be challenged in order to grow!

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