Thursday, 15 March 2018

Building a Learning Culture

We strive to create a culture in our spaces that has a focus on learning. We explore the concept of learning, what it means to learn and how we learn best. The children have been actively involved in establishing the learning culture in our spaces. By ensuring the children are part of the decision making process, we create a learning community where our children feel a sense of belonging and ownership. As part of this focus, we have explored our new vision, learner competencies and values.

This learning has involved:

  • Children completing learning surveys to develop an understanding of themselves as a learner and to allow teachers to understand children's’ learning preferences.
  • Exploring our new vision, learner competencies and values.
  • Co-constructing a class treaty that reflects the learning culture.
  • Creating a class name and logo that reflects the learning culture.
  • Beginning to explore the concept of a growth mindset and the learning pit to allow children to understand the expectation that they need to be challenged and willing to take risks if they are going to grow as learners.
  • Completing regular reflections on learning.

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