Thursday, 29 March 2018

Building Routines and Expectations

We believe in empowering children to manage and lead their own learning.  In order for children to do this successfully, we have to build routines and set high expectations for learning and behaviour right from the start of the year.

This learning has involved:

  • Supporting children to make the best choice for their learning. For example: Where is the best place for me to learn? What learning should I complete first? How can I ask for help with my learning? What do I do when I think I have finished?
  • Exploring Digital Citizenship and developing a ‘Digital Citizenship Treaty’. Given that our spaces are 1-1 digital, this is crucial for ensuring the children understand they are trusted to make good choices when they are using a device for their learning until we have a reason to believe otherwise.
  • Developing children’s knowledge and ability to use Google Apps for Education. Our spaces do not function effectively without this software. This is how our children access and complete a range of their learning tasks.
  • As the year has progressed, children have learnt how to plan their day on their own weekly timetable. This allows children to have the choice about when and what learning tasks they complete. (This was not new learning for all children.)
  • Children are developing an understanding of the workshop model for new learning. This approach gives children the opportunity to be self-directed learners, by choosing to attend the workshops that are best for their learning. (This was not new learning for all children.)
  • Co-constructing the Writing Process and the Research Cycle as children completed their first inquiry for the year. These processes are explicitly taught in Term One so children can apply this learning throughout the year.
  • Getting ready for learning and systems for cleaning up at the end of the day.
  • High expectations have been clearly communicated to learners. Our goal is for all learners to make one year’s progress in one year. This goal is personalised to every child’s current achievement levels. For learners to achieve this they need to be giving their best every day.

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